Love Thy Neighbor

In the end, I suppose I do not really worry about who is reading this or why. I don’t check the stats regularly, though I suppose I could, but it doesn’t matter to me. The only reason is that this is a place where I can get my thoughts about God onto the page, so they can’t be lost. I used to be a writer with a notebook and pen. That just isn’t something I do anymore, not because it’s a bad thing but because I am admittedly lazier than I once was. I also don’t like my handwriting. This is a better medium for me and it happens to be something that others will read. I enjoy sharing my thoughts with people and hearing from folks about theirs. However, this entry will likely be a turning point for those who have chosen to read this blog as subscribers. I am about to say some things that some might find offensive or against the bible’s teachings. Fasten your seatbelt.

**Once again, the beauty of this is that you can click that little “X” at the top of the page to quickly leave and not come back, you know, should the mood strike you. I always welcome feedback but outright hatred will be deleted and users who are abusive or just plain rude will be banned from this page. I do not care about your freedom of speech on my intellectual property because freedom to say what you like does not include freedom to spew hate across my work. Don’t like it? Sue me.**

Now that the mess of that is out of the way, here we go. Pencils down, eyes on me.

God loves everyone. EVERYONE. This includes gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and allied individuals and their families. Being LGBTQ identified is not a sin. It is how God made that person. Choosing to follow who you are as an LGBTQ person is no more sinful than choosing to be a teacher, doctor, or firefighter. If we suddenly decided the bible said it was a sin to extinguish a burning home, to heal wounds and diseases, or to educate our children, would you condemn these people? If one of these condemned things was your profession, would you stop doing it because some pundit said it’s a sin? Could you even do that?

Why is it expected for LGBTQ people to do that?

Until you have walked in the shoes of another and truly experienced their pain and troubles, you have no idea what life is like for them. To judge that life based upon your own is to show how little you understand the bible and its teachings.

Jesus of Nazareth welcomed those who were called unclean and sinners (that’s all of us—let go of your righteous mind and admit your humanity). He invited us to turn toward him (for Jesus is the LORD) [Luke 13:5] and to walk the narrow path, [Matthew 7:13-14] which he lights for us with his words, his death, and his resurrection. He said there is no way we can ever fulfill all the rules set forth by the religious groups running the world because it was impossible. [Mark 7:1-20] He told us that how God created each person, with his or her own talents and gifts to give, is sacred. [Ephesians 2:10] Each of us is a glorious symbol of the greatness of God. Our spirit is endowed with God’s spirit, bringing to us the ability to change the lives of those around us in positive ways. [John 3:5-6]

Living a life where you judge others is a way to make yourself feel better about the places where you yourself fall short of God’s ideals. But isn’t that the point? That we all fall short? So what are we up in arms over? Why can’t we simply accept that there are people who are different from us and love them for it?

Using God as an excuse to hate people is a really rotten way to follow Jesus. He never said that was something we should be doing. If anyone can truly find that and point it out to me, I welcome it. What Jesus said is printed in red in every bible in the world. Look there if you want to know what he said. Don’t turn anywhere else. If you bring me biblical proof that Jesus told us to hate each other for being who we are and that in order to follow him we would have to submit ourselves to such feelings, then I will openly admit my error and delete this post.

I can, however, point out places where Jesus said that love is the greatest commandment. [Mark 12:30-31] That reference comes from the bible—he wasn’t just spouting crap. Jesus told us to love God based on the teachings in Deuteronomy 6:4-5, and he said we should love our neighbor based on the teachings in Leviticus 19:18.

If you cannot manage to figure out a way to love someone you think is “missing the mark”… a sinner… perhaps you should consider the sin in that and work on finding love. When you find love, you find God. [1 John 4:8] If you learn nothing else from me, I hope this makes it into your heart.



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